Sisters By Choice

In life, which, not to mention is a pretty long journey, we meet lots of different kinds of people. Some become acquaintances, some become friends, some become really good friend and well some, we don’t tend to be very fond of. But forming a relationship with someone that develops into something as strong as the flame of a candle in the dark, well that’s rare. And finding someone who accepts your madness thoroughly and who is willing to be your punching bag as well as your heating pad is one of the best feelings in life.

Yes, I’m talking about my best friend.

I still remember when we met during a math class in high school. Then we started hanging out for lunch together and boom, all of a sudden one day we became really good friends and I mean, really good. Our friendship turned out to be one of those friendships where we don’t really remember how we became friends but now if anybody outside sees us together when we’re hanging out, they’ll probably think we’re some sort of crazy girls who really need some help from the world. But that is just who we are.

But honestly, I am so glad to have a best friend like who I have right now. She is my strength and my emotional pillar and now even though we both live across different oceans and time zones are a big problem and making spontaneous plans and going out together in the evening is not something that we can do, we still cherish what we have and I couldn’t have asked for any other person to be my best friend. So here is to all the good times which are still yet to come.

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset

Processed with VSCO with m5 preset



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