The Two Boys

Trailing off to untold roads

In the company of darkness

Found a familiar face on the way. 

He was likewise, in an off-road state. 

They both shared a smile, 

the thought of the frailty of coincidence.

They walked, drowned

in each others’ narratives.

Deciding who had it worse

laughing at their judgments;

Ridiculing their lives like a comedy. 

The sound of their unexpected content

At the strangest depths of 3 am. 

Blessed by God, they did feel;

lucky and favored. 

But little did they know

that in the darkness the fallen angels lurked. 

A blinding light, not a call from above. 

The two boys were on the ground.

The dark tint of red, 

indistinguishable from the grey concrete of the road.

And then He descended from above

circled the ground

leaving the bodies, 

taking the souls

to a world more peaceful. 


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