Pluck Away My Beauty: Part II

Falling away, gently

Meandering in the air

with my allies.

Swaying with the music, the wind creates

before I ultimately touch the Earth.

And the interlude begins,

before people start walking by.

They’ll pick the best and,

the most charming.

A competition among all flowers.

But do they know?

Time keeps nothing

and strips my beauty away,

as fragments of seasons pass by

languish, I become.

But I withstand all,

grapple with the rain

and scorching heat

and the unsympathetic cold.

Trying to hold onto an existence,

that will eventually become evanescent.

Shielding my virgin petals

and heart.

The passionate colors, alluring smell.

The way I lay on bare grounds,

graceful and exquisite.

Almost tempting,

but they trample me

with their own feet.

What a vile ending! Impairing me.

For I’d rather wither away on my own.

Pluck Away My Beauty: Part I


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