Under The Silver Light

Out comes the glorious moon, 

Unraveling its cape o’er the duvet of calm ocean

Its grandeur matched no king nor queen. 

An elegance of its own, 

nature was its throne. 

Beneath it, the land it governed, 

the lady and her knight walked

admiring the ethereal creation above. 

The unwashed blend of white and grey, spread on them. 

The knight’s armor shimmered 

and the lady’s pale skin radiated silver. 

They both walked, 

an unspoken ruthlessness in her eyes, 

a shield of terror in his stride. 

They marched on barren sand, 

the violent and unforgiving waves as their guides. 

Strain of silver, cascading through their veins

As they approached their lord. 

Thirst for victory, 

their tongues parched.

Hopes of dissolving the silver sphere 

into particles of thin air.

Before the imperishable sun

would cast its fire on them, 

banishing them with fierce flames. 


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