Do you ever wonder?

Two hours have passed since I had my dinner and while I was eating I started thinking about the decisions I made in my life which impacted my present moments in some or the other way. The choices we make as humans in our lives are so crucial and we often do not realize it. It made me wonder how different our lives could have been if we would have done certain things in our past differently. Decisions specifically we regret making or possibly not making. Perhaps if we spoke a bit louder so that the other person could hear us under our breath. If we would have forgiven that person instead of jeopardizing our years of paramount relationship/friendship. If we confessed our love for that special someone. If we had quit that bad habit years back. If we had gone to that party. If we would have published our story. If we would have finished that last chapter which we never did. If we didn’t give up and kept striving for that one thing that we wanted to reach. If we would not have turned down that job interview just because the job was not interesting enough. If we would have ignored our anger and answered that phone call. If we would have started a conversation with that person sitting across in the dimly lit coffee shop. If we wouldn’t have walked out of that door that one evening. If we would have booked those affordable flight tickets and embarked on a life-changing journey. If we just would have woken up a bit early to see the sunrise with him/her.  If we would put our lives and our thoughts and feelings first instead of others or maybe if we would have understood life from their shoes before things fell apart like a deck of cards. A lot of things could be different now. They could be on a whole different level and maybe we wouldn’t be having long nights of regrets, unending repentance and “what ifs” after our unfulfilling dinners within our closed spaces.

So do you ever wonder how things could have been so unbelievably different?



  1. “So do you ever wonder how things could have been so unbelievably different?”

    Yes! All the time, actually. There is a woman who lives at the heart of the majority of my work. I made all the wrong choices, and have wished I had acted differently ever since. I see this entirely different world where we live together in harmony, and there is endless love. An alternate path we explored before we had accidental babies with lackluster loves. I know you have to look forward, and for the most part, I do. But not a day goes by where I don’t remember her.

    Thanks for sharing this (and the rest of your blog). I’ve enjoyed it tonight.


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    1. Thank you so much for your thoughts; I suppose everything that happens, even the choices that we make and regret are all a part of life. I’m glad you took time to read some of my writings and enjoyed them. All the best (:

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