Our Friendship

Across the oceans and the stars in the sky

that come in between,

our friendship is as strong

as the current of the waves

and just as celestial.

No theories of space or philosophy of life

could explain the bond we create

back when we were in school

and used to sit on different tables

during lunch.

And a few years later,

from a million things that I had to do,

the first thing I did was call you.

Always erasing away the negatives in each others’ lives.

Whether we were on streets surrounded by strangers

or just us in your old house;

we’re always the same

laughing at the lame tragedies of our lives.

Listening to each others’ hysterical cries.

And as with every midnight a new day started,

you were there always and on the days

when I questioned my existence

you made me realize my importance.

And every minute I’m thankful to God, to fate

and to every other power

that I have been blessed with a friend like you.


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