Favourite Songs: April ’16

May just started a while back and it is that time again when I am going to blog about my replay list which dominated my music playlist last month. The entire list is pretty diverse and some of the songs are not even that new. But they were literally all that I listened to for the past month. Yes, the list includes some of my all time favorite artists, which are Arctic Monkeys, Lana Del Rey and Chet Faker. Actually all my playlists of my favorite songs will never fail to have one of these beauties. So without any further ado, let’s get right into it:

  1. Be the one-Dua Lipa
  2. Roses– The Chainsmokers
  3. Chasing Hearts– Breathe Carolina
  4. Slow and steady– Of Monsters and Men
  5. No diggity– Chet Faker
  6. Decode– Paramore
  7. This is what makes us girls– Lana Del Rey
  8. Knee Socks– Arctic Monkeys
  9. Slow motion– Trey Songz
  10. 7 years– Lukas Graham

What were your favorite songs during the month of April? Let me know 🙂


Whiskey, Words and A Shovel

I’m back! I was away for a while due to my exams but now that I am finally free, here I am, it’s 8:28 on the clock and I’m super excited about my new blog post.

So, among the many different things that I have passion for, poetry is one of them. There is something about poetry, which is good, dark, simple and complex all at the same time. So, to much to my likeness, I came across one of the most “real” books with some of most darkest truths.

The book is ‘Whiskey, Words and A Shovel’ by R.H. Sin. The title of the book itself is very suggestive of what is on the inside. It is the kind of book which is small, simple, does not have much written in it, but whatever you read, becomes something that defines and awakens old raw feelings within you. That’s what it did to me.

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the book:

“The only downfall of having a good heart is that you’re constantly looking for angels inside of demons.”

“One day you’ll realize that everything meant to destroy you, only made you stronger.”

“We all want someone to notice our sadness and when they do, we lie and pretend to be happy.”

So, do you like poetry? Or reading? Do you have any book recommendations for me?


Songs Which Speak to Me

Growing up, music has always been more than a hobby to me. It has been an undying passion. I know that sounds highly dramatic, but that’s what it has always been. Music always made everything so much easier for me. Whether I was studying for a test or I was cleaning my room or even when I go to the shower. Music has always been a necessity. It has been like water to me. I cannot fall asleep at night without listening to the radio or some songs. And, when you start relating to a particular song in a particular moment, then music tends to become more than just a tune with some words.

That is how I feel when I listen to some songs. There are some songs which speak to me on different levels. When a song becomes more than just a song and it becomes strangely easy to relate to. When the lyrics become words running in your mind that you cannot speak out loud and when the tune becomes the rhythm of your breath. And I wanted to share some of them with you all, so here we go:

  1. HumanOf Monsters and Men
  2. Colors Halsey
  3. I wanna be yours Arctic Monkeys
  4. Misguided Ghosts Paramore
  5. Slow life Of Monsters and Men
  6. Blood Bank Bon Iver
  7. Music To Watch Boys To Lana Del Rey
  8. Gold Chet Faker
  9. Ain’t It Fun Paramore
  10. Car Radio Twenty One Pilots

Just in case, most of the songs mentioned are along the genres of indie and alternative so if you have the same music taste as me, then it will be even better! I hope you like the songs as much as I do.

What are some of the songs which speak to you? 🙂

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Processed with VSCO with hb1 preset

Sisters By Choice

In life, which, not to mention is a pretty long journey, we meet lots of different kinds of people. Some become acquaintances, some become friends, some become really good friend and well some, we don’t tend to be very fond of. But forming a relationship with someone that develops into something as strong as the flame of a candle in the dark, well that’s rare. And finding someone who accepts your madness thoroughly and who is willing to be your punching bag as well as your heating pad is one of the best feelings in life.

Yes, I’m talking about my best friend.

I still remember when we met during a math class in high school. Then we started hanging out for lunch together and boom, all of a sudden one day we became really good friends and I mean, really good. Our friendship turned out to be one of those friendships where we don’t really remember how we became friends but now if anybody outside sees us together when we’re hanging out, they’ll probably think we’re some sort of crazy girls who really need some help from the world. But that is just who we are.

But honestly, I am so glad to have a best friend like who I have right now. She is my strength and my emotional pillar and now even though we both live across different oceans and time zones are a big problem and making spontaneous plans and going out together in the evening is not something that we can do, we still cherish what we have and I couldn’t have asked for any other person to be my best friend. So here is to all the good times which are still yet to come.

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Processed with VSCO with m5 preset


Frozen In Time


I realized how much I love taking photos after I lost all the photos that I had taken on my vacation and all the memories that I had captured in the past two years when I was in high school. I turned on my computer and opened my ‘Pictures’ folder and I was shocked when I saw that the folder was completely empty. I felt like I had lost some of the most important memories in my life. But I’m so thankful for the existence of technology and human relationships that some of my photos are still stored in my camera and the others are still with my friends.

I am not that great of a photographer, but I really love taking photos. It most definitely is a hobby, but it’s just more than that at times. To me, it is freezing a certain moment in time so that even if you cannot relive it, you can still look back at it and feel some nostalgia. And what is better than nostalgia? It is a sort of a reminder of how amazing life can actually be and that more good times are still to come and more memories are still to be made.


There are so many things and feelings that a single photo can bring back. It is incredibly fascinating. I could be crying right now, but maybe after seeing a particular photo, my smile would probably be bigger than this entire world. That is how powerful a photo can be to me.


Photos are a perfect example of a trip down the memory lane. It is the perfect example of how stupid and crazy we can get with our friends. It is a perfect example of how much we actually care about our family or nature or anything for that matter. It is a perfectly captured moment of good times. It can make you emotional, sentimental, happy, excited, embarrassed, curious and so much more. Sometimes, there are certain things which we are not able to feel again, but now by taking photos and capturing the minute has helped me feel back those good times and nostalgia again. And I absolutely love it.

2016-02-16 05.43.29 1.jpg

Photography to my eyes and soul is what music is to my ears and soul.


Yesterday’s lesson.

So yesterday I went to watch ‘How to be Single’ with a friend. And yes, it has Rebel Wilson which obviously means that the movie is going to be more than hilarious. But I didn’t know that I would actually learn so much from the movie.

So, here is the list of things which I learned from the movie:

  1. Live like there is no tomorrow. I know that this is a very overused cliché statement which everybody says. But I really realized that sometimes we are so caught up in the past or in the future that we forget to live in the current second.
  2. It is definitely more important to have a close tight group of friends rather than an unguaranteed boyfriend.
  3. Some of the best moments are discovered and experienced when you’re not looking for them. So stop searching and start living.
  4. Keep yourself busy all the time. Engage yourself in new hobbies and activities.
  5. And last but definitely not the least, learn how to be alone and love it. Stop depending on other people for your own happiness. You don’t need their validity in order to feel important. When you learn how to and become comfortable with being alone, that is the time when you will stop questioning everything and be happy with all that you have.