Shimmering Golden On My Bed

I was told that life is hard

We must search for bliss

Mother said “Look at the drooping flowers”

“Their beauty, always amiss.” 

The highs and lows of society

And all the blood that is shed

Mother said “Always maintain sobriety”

“When challenging life gets.”

Although, I never understood a word

That mother had said. For, when I lay 

Awake at dawn, shimmering golden on my bed

I remembered mother’s words “Life is not a bed of roses.”

A quote she had said

But in bliss I found myself, shimmering golden on my bed. 


Someone once asked me “What makes you happy? What do you live for?” I said “I live for the littlest things; they are the ones that make me happy. Like the rising sun and the falling rain, when people smile after they fight off their pain.”


All Your Faces

All your faces, mere illusions
Mask beneath masks, the farther I went
The more I speculated reality- the weight of it
Or mayhaps the burden
On my frail outlines, I tried to hold
Only to crumble down on me
The closer I became to you
More distant I felt and stranger
I grew
Every moment I spent
When our eyes met, smiles synced, secrets lent
Your proximity felt imaginary
It could be, I share too much and trust
Too much and you- adept in the art of camouflage
And fooling me
Oh, beware, as I observe and just as cunning
To reach your core, when you lay bare
With your truth, facing right back
At you.

A Girl’s Beauty, ‘Tis Whole

A girl’s beauty, ‘tis whole

As a full new moon

Leaving her trails on this earth

Where she walked.

Amidst the darkness, the curve of her back

Like the crescent moon and the shine

Her gazes strewn

Meander through the gaps ‘tween

Your fingers and the shady trees


Be careful! You love her too sweet

Poison in disguise, it might be

For her eyes are aught but that of a cat’s-

Vicious and innocent

Preying, desperate to catch.

The Dinner Table Tension


fill the gaps between the dust in the air

and the spaces between my

unrealized thoughts.

Glances exchanged across the table,

glances that stir emptiness with


Fragments of awkwardness stretching

time beyond normalcy;

silence that increases,

making every breath heavier

and desperate.

Loud and unmoving.

Each scared to disrupt

the mellow and melancholic charades.

Submerged beneath their faces

and compressed within

the wooden textures of the mahogany table.

Each scared to disrupt the silence, with

a clank of the silverware against the glass plate.

Fearing that unwanted words

would escape their mouths.


Your Eyes

For the first time I gazed into your eyes for a brief moment, all my fears of what remained in the dark depths disappeared. Your eyes reminded me of hot coffee grains in white milk. And when I glanced at you, your eyes would calm the tempest and when you would look at me and our eyes would lock into each others for a short while, all my secrets would become are. 

I would dive into depths of the unknown, just trusting you by looking into you, because as you smiled and the corners of your eyes would crinkle and form lines and your pupils would sparkle like stars clustered into a circle, I knew that there was no other place more heavenly for me to be. 


Evening walks turned into
dalliance with the fuchsia beauties
Dainty and flimsy, swaying in the wind
A little bit coy, but frolicking with

As she walked, grey clouds o’er her
Gloom casted itself
The pleasantness of the pink petals
cheered her with their sanguine nature
And her lips curled into a sly smile.

How can any soul resist?!
The amicable texture
The warmth and passion
In the blushing hues
Tempting all those ’round them.

In bunches the flowers danced
Irresistible to see and touch
The evening light casting a glow
On the petals and through them.
Bougainvillea at their best.

The Beauty of Photography

Two years back when I bought my first DSLR camera, I realized that photography is not about having the best camera in the market. It is not about having the best skills in editing photos either.  Of course, the mentioned two things are more important when it comes to the technical sense, but the entire idea of photography is more about the passion that you realize you have when your days pass by and you realize that everything around you is so beautiful.

You start finding beauty in the simplest things and start appreciating the world and your existence increasingly. From the trickle of a raindrop down the window, to the streets lighting up in the evening and the adoring smiles of your loved ones. They are all captured in a frame to remind you that everything that you see is real and all the moments that you captured were once real and they will always be.

If you really like photography, whether you become a professional photographer or not is of the least concern, but indulging in photography as a hobby can really transform your thoughts in such a way, that you will start finding charm and beauty in every little moment.