It’s impossible to stay in one place when
Each cell in the heart of mine
Pumps blood for another
longs to drive on a different road
Every passing day
When thoughts start cascading
And my heart starts racing
Fresh blood filling up my heart
Hands pouring coffee
Overflowing cup
Steam rising up
Dissolving and mixing
What is not and what is there?
I long for a cage every day
That shall shield
The only vitality, keeping me
Against my will.


Life Is Not Easy

Life is not easy when

she cries at night and smiles

in the morning.

Life is not easy when

people fail her and yet

she still has to fight for them. 

Life is not easy when

the thought of her being content 

becomes a wild thought for others. 

Life is not easy when

her own people look down on her

because of all the things she loves. 

Life is not easy when

her will to live is dampened 

just by hurtful words. 

Life is not easy when

people tell her that she’s a burden and yet

they can’t live without her. 

Falling For You: Admiring You From Afar

One moment of falling for you became infinite moments of my rebirth and admiring you from afar. Just noticing you from a distance made me value the little moments of existence that I was given. I cherished time and I cherished you in my time. More than the physical space that your body occupied, your presence and your energy could put back the dainty fallen petals of a flower together. But you are more than a passionate flower and fiercer than any rose. You are so many elements in yourself. You are charged like neon. You are like the stars, the sun, the water, the mountains and the fire all at the same time. Your beauty is boundless. It stretched and tugged at the deepest core of my heart. If we were two forbidden lovers, then you would bleed temptation and I would bleed desire. 

But for now, I’ve been the privilege to admire your beauty from afar, through gazes and brief stares. And I’m thankful, because you tug at the passion in me and me write poetry, make me appreciate life. 


Note: I thought of starting this little series called ‘Falling For You’. This series will include little paragraphs about falling for someone- the process, little moments of imagination, hope, excitement and everything else that lasts in the whole experience of it. I hope you enjoy this little series and are able to relate with it.


What is the point?

What is the point of making money, if it doesn’t make you happy?

What is the point of being happy, if you get happiness by doing the wrong things?

What is the point of doing the wrong things, if you can do the right thing?

What is the point of doing the right thing, when all people can do is misunderstand?

What is the point of misunderstanding, when you can make your effort and understand?

But what is the point of being understood, if people cannot accept you for who you are?

What is the point of being true to yourself, when the world demands for something else?

What is the point of living in a world, where life doesn’t make sense?


what is the point of trying to make sense of life, when I’m not with you?



So I’ve been writing poems a lot as you guys can see and I want you guys to tell me what you think and share some thoughts, so please let me know through the comments if you have anything to say! I would really appreciate it (: 

Have a good day, x


To all the 20-something year olds who haven’t fallen in love yet

Living in this modern day and age and being the only one among your group of friends who has not experienced “falling in love” can be pressurizing. Pressurizing because you constantly feel like the world is rushing you into wanting to experience all these rampant emotions when you aren’t even ready. And also probably because you just not have been able to find that one person who you can just naturally connect with on numerous levels. It can be overwhelming to feel that distant in a crowd of people who are in the dating game or are seeing people and are constantly updating their love lives on social media and are gushing about the little arguments they have and whatnot. When you have nothing and nobody to relate to.

But you are not alone. Believe it or not, there are millions like you out there. “Falling in love” can often get twisted into a lot of different things like getting intensely attached with someone or having periods of infatuation and crushes on that cute guy in the corridor or at work. But it isn’t. Love-in whatever sense, takes time. It is something that build ups and strengthens itself. Like a new building being built on a strong foundation with strong materials which will survive in any atmosphere and weather that is to come. You build an emotional connection. You slowly let yourself become vulnerable and completely naked- in the literal and figurative sense. You share things and experiences and stories that you would normally hesitate to open up about. You let all your insecurities show and for the first time you let your guard down because this person does not make complete you, but this person helps you complete yourself. And finding this kind of an energy in someone and building a life out of all the moments that you two spend together does not happen overnight. It takes time, courage and patience. And you completely have your right to make this decision and choice for yourself. You should not feel obligated to experience the process and the feeling at a certain age. There is so much more that you can do in the meantime. You can reinvent yourself and find your muse in something that you are passionate about. You can earn some money and travel. Or you can just simply meet new people and do that one thing that has always been out of your comfort zone. Fall in love with yourself instead of wasting your time and energy and something that is only capable of being fictitious. Wait for something that will be real. Have patience because what’s the worst that can happen?


Surrounded by all the different faces

But none matched her company.

She got engulfed in her own vortex,

Swirling in her own thoughts.


The cheers, the laughter, the giggles.

The strains in peoples’ voices

as they fumed ’bout their tragedies.

The innocent chuckles, as he whispered excitement

into her ears.


She observed all those danced.

The passion, the purity, the lackadaisical moves

after a few drinks had been down’d.

The precious smiles that were exchanged

as they swayed together along with the rhythm.


As she watched from up against the corner

She envisaged all their stories;

As the moonlight fell o’er her, she was the only one

among many in the marquee.

13 Reasons Why

A show that has been everywhere- on and off the internet is ’13 Reasons Why’. I just binge watched it and I loved it. I cannot really word myself properly because the show has left me with this empty feeling. For those of you who don’t know what the show is about or haven’t really heard of it (which mostly is impossible); it is the story of Hannah Baker- who committed suicide for which the reasons are unknown. But each episode progresses with 13 tapes she made, each having a reason for the decision that she ultimately took upon herself. I would not say the show left my mind disturbed. But it made me upset; especially since I have experienced mild cases of bullying myself when I was younger. It was real. It was reality in its rawest form and it shows society’s lackadaisical attitude towards issues which should be taken seriously.

Apart from that, from all the shows that I have watched, ’13 Reasons Why’ has the best music selection. That is something that heightened all the emotions for every scene without a doubt. So, if you haven’t watched the show, go watch it now!

My favourite moment from the show was the part where Clay has a flashback of their prom night and how Hannah and him danced to slow music. That scene always tears me up.

Here are some of my favourite quotes from the show:

“Your pain is important to other people.”

“I think sometimes you judge people. We all do, but I think sometimes you live to regret it.”

“Life is unpredictable and control is just an illusion. And it makes us feel small and powerless.”

“Some of you care. None of you cared enough.”

“You can’t go back to how things were or how you thought they were. All you really have is now.”

“You see the world as binary. It’s a mosaic. Look at this mass of humanity. Hundreds of stories. It’s kind of beautiful.” (my most favorite)

And do check out the playlist here that will surely get you hooked, regardless of your music taste!

I am 20!

Turning 20 feels..a bit odd. I feel old already, maybe not old in terms of being 78 or something but old like, now I have to be accountable for everything that I do. The fact that now my age will start with the digit 2 really tells me how fast times flies and how human lives are momentary. On one specific day, every single year, you get older by an addition of one and we make memories, some which we want to forget and some which we never will. We lost track of time and I realized how transient everything is, which is why it is so important to cherish every second that you are breathing and doing something.

But I am really happy since my friend gave me a bouquet and this is the first time I have received a it and I have always wanted one.

Moving on, I do not have any specific birthday wishes but there are certain minor goals that I want to accomplish before I turn 21, some of them being- do more social work and contribute more to the society in terms of being helpful and spread awareness. I also want to control the amount of money that I spend daily on things that I actually don’t need. I am an avid spender and I definitely want to control that. I want to start eating healthy (regardless of the number of times I have said that to myself, I still want to work towards this one). I definitely want to make a proper routine and write more on a regular basis. I also want to get back into working out. After I moved to Dubai, my health went down the road. I know I shouldn’t blame it on other factors but I became quite upset with the carelessness that I had developed towards my health and well-being. I also want to expand my horizons when it comes to spirituality. I have been listening to a lot of spiritual talks and also have been reading a lot on different topics from different gurus so I really want to delve deeper into this. But that is all for now.

So that was it for my little birthday post and I will be back soon! 😊

Glitch: Part 1

If you saw the entire world in glitches

With no perspective,

Your vision kept blurring

Into different stories

Until perplexity caught up

With you.

All the realities lapsed in your sight

Red, black, blue and white

Then you stand in front of your mirror

Reaching into what you see,

Somehow making things clearer.