Shimmering Golden On My Bed

I was told that life is hard

We must search for bliss

Mother said “Look at the drooping flowers”

“Their beauty, always amiss.” 

The highs and lows of society

And all the blood that is shed

Mother said “Always maintain sobriety”

“When challenging life gets.”

Although, I never understood a word

That mother had said. For, when I lay 

Awake at dawn, shimmering golden on my bed

I remembered mother’s words “Life is not a bed of roses.”

A quote she had said

But in bliss I found myself, shimmering golden on my bed. 


Someone once asked me “What makes you happy? What do you live for?” I said “I live for the littlest things; they are the ones that make me happy. Like the rising sun and the falling rain, when people smile after they fight off their pain.”


In All The Wrong Places

I tried to find happiness

in my morning coffee

in the rising sun’s hues

in my dearest poet’s muse

in my sauntering steps in the balcony. 

I tried to find comfort

in our momentary meaningful conversations

in the stares we held across the distance

in the depths of your eyes

in your mellow touches. 

I tried to belong

with the strangers on the different streets

with the music in the coffee shop

and in the lines of John Keats’. 

But I only ended up feeling more hollow and exhausted.


Thoughts: Over the past few days I became really restless and I tried to stay occupied and try to reminisce, tried to remember the good times that I had, all stored in my memories and I tried to mingle with people and go out and escape into the facade of the cities and nature but in the end of the day all of the content that I felt was short-lived. No matter how hard I tried, I was never “happy enough”. After a lot of thinking and not thinking at the same time, I realized that happiness and comfort doesn’t come with packages or with some other person in your life, it doesn’t come with pleasing price tags or expensive meals at nice places. Maybe they do, but they don’t last long. Real happiness lies within you and you have the power to unlock that if you really want to. So stop looking at others and stop depending on things that you can hold on to for a short period. Their values don’t last forever.