Flowers Drenched in Rainwater

Flowers drenched in rainwater 

O, how heavy you must feel!

Thoughts cascading down the edges of my shoulders

Overwhelmed, by the burden, I kneel. 

I bend to pick up the flowers 

My mind- not wanting to be kind

It only wants to pick up the pretty ones

And leave the withering ones behind. 

My heart warns myself, not to be fool’d 

“Look down at your own hands” it says

Graceful and delicate, now they are

But failing the tests of time one day

your own skin will slowly wrinkle away.


The Dinner Table Tension


fill the gaps between the dust in the air

and the spaces between my

unrealized thoughts.

Glances exchanged across the table,

glances that stir emptiness with


Fragments of awkwardness stretching

time beyond normalcy;

silence that increases,

making every breath heavier

and desperate.

Loud and unmoving.

Each scared to disrupt

the mellow and melancholic charades.

Submerged beneath their faces

and compressed within

the wooden textures of the mahogany table.

Each scared to disrupt the silence, with

a clank of the silverware against the glass plate.

Fearing that unwanted words

would escape their mouths.


The Beauty of Photography

Two years back when I bought my first DSLR camera, I realized that photography is not about having the best camera in the market. It is not about having the best skills in editing photos either.  Of course, the mentioned two things are more important when it comes to the technical sense, but the entire idea of photography is more about the passion that you realize you have when your days pass by and you realize that everything around you is so beautiful.

You start finding beauty in the simplest things and start appreciating the world and your existence increasingly. From the trickle of a raindrop down the window, to the streets lighting up in the evening and the adoring smiles of your loved ones. They are all captured in a frame to remind you that everything that you see is real and all the moments that you captured were once real and they will always be.

If you really like photography, whether you become a professional photographer or not is of the least concern, but indulging in photography as a hobby can really transform your thoughts in such a way, that you will start finding charm and beauty in every little moment.

Frozen In Time


I realized how much I love taking photos after I lost all the photos that I had taken on my vacation and all the memories that I had captured in the past two years when I was in high school. I turned on my computer and opened my ‘Pictures’ folder and I was shocked when I saw that the folder was completely empty. I felt like I had lost some of the most important memories in my life. But I’m so thankful for the existence of technology and human relationships that some of my photos are still stored in my camera and the others are still with my friends.

I am not that great of a photographer, but I really love taking photos. It most definitely is a hobby, but it’s just more than that at times. To me, it is freezing a certain moment in time so that even if you cannot relive it, you can still look back at it and feel some nostalgia. And what is better than nostalgia? It is a sort of a reminder of how amazing life can actually be and that more good times are still to come and more memories are still to be made.


There are so many things and feelings that a single photo can bring back. It is incredibly fascinating. I could be crying right now, but maybe after seeing a particular photo, my smile would probably be bigger than this entire world. That is how powerful a photo can be to me.


Photos are a perfect example of a trip down the memory lane. It is the perfect example of how stupid and crazy we can get with our friends. It is a perfect example of how much we actually care about our family or nature or anything for that matter. It is a perfectly captured moment of good times. It can make you emotional, sentimental, happy, excited, embarrassed, curious and so much more. Sometimes, there are certain things which we are not able to feel again, but now by taking photos and capturing the minute has helped me feel back those good times and nostalgia again. And I absolutely love it.

2016-02-16 05.43.29 1.jpg

Photography to my eyes and soul is what music is to my ears and soul.