Feelings, I have them
Not knowing what to do
Washing up on me and people who are
Lovers in my mind
Like waves on the shore
Can’t feel my feet
Under the sand
I get lost in what I’m scared of the most- the ocean and love
They crash against me and I wash up on an island
Under the shooting stars
Smelling like salt and looking like the ocean
A wrecked ship and my mind
With no treasure
I have nothing to lose, not him and never myself.


Heaven Is Collapsing

Heaven is collapsing in my mind

As I wait for the pain 

to subside.

Heaven is collapsing in my mind

As I count to three and you

say goodbye. 

Heaven is collapsing in my mind

Because I’m living a lie

and so I wake up every night. 

Heaven is collapsing in my mind

as my art becomes my catharsis

and all my faults aline. 

Life Is Not Easy

Life is not easy when

she cries at night and smiles

in the morning.

Life is not easy when

people fail her and yet

she still has to fight for them. 

Life is not easy when

the thought of her being content 

becomes a wild thought for others. 

Life is not easy when

her own people look down on her

because of all the things she loves. 

Life is not easy when

her will to live is dampened 

just by hurtful words. 

Life is not easy when

people tell her that she’s a burden and yet

they can’t live without her. 

He Loved Her ‘Til There Was a Flower Left

In the first week, the plant was bountiful with flowers

The time he loved her sweet

The promises that they would keep.

The trust, they both would reap.

In the second week, down came 

the unforeseeable rain

Their fights, all in vain, as they ended their days 

In each others’ arms 

Under the shadow of the candle’s flame. 

In the third week, there was an unforgivable storm

More than half of the flowers were gone. They saw less

Of each other. Pieces of him in her and her in him

They remained. 

In the fourth week, the clouds started to calm, but 

Grey they still were. Only one flower perfectly poised, remained.

The one he had saved for her. 

*** Young love that is short and simple, yet passionate burns fast, my friends. But the scars always remain.***

Down Came The Monsoon Rain

Gloom meandering in the air

during the distant rainy afternoons,

heavy clouds, waiting to drop rain.

Heavy hearts, abundant with unsaid words.

Remnants of pleasant memories

fresh like the smell of an awaited rain,

hearts below, wanting to be drenched

to mend themselves,

to grow again from the grass.

Underneath the mud and the soil,

where the earth lay virgin,

along with my secrets- bequeathed,

only for yours to be.




I was on vacation for two weeks which is why I was not able to post anything, but I did a lot of writing during these 14 days and I cannot wait to share them with you. (:



The Two Boys

Trailing off to untold roads

In the company of darkness

Found a familiar face on the way. 

He was likewise, in an off-road state. 

They both shared a smile, 

the thought of the frailty of coincidence.

They walked, drowned

in each others’ narratives.

Deciding who had it worse

laughing at their judgments;

Ridiculing their lives like a comedy. 

The sound of their unexpected content

At the strangest depths of 3 am. 

Blessed by God, they did feel;

lucky and favored. 

But little did they know

that in the darkness the fallen angels lurked. 

A blinding light, not a call from above. 

The two boys were on the ground.

The dark tint of red, 

indistinguishable from the grey concrete of the road.

And then He descended from above

circled the ground

leaving the bodies, 

taking the souls

to a world more peaceful. 


Surrounded by all the different faces

But none matched her company.

She got engulfed in her own vortex,

Swirling in her own thoughts.


The cheers, the laughter, the giggles.

The strains in peoples’ voices

as they fumed ’bout their tragedies.

The innocent chuckles, as he whispered excitement

into her ears.


She observed all those danced.

The passion, the purity, the lackadaisical moves

after a few drinks had been down’d.

The precious smiles that were exchanged

as they swayed together along with the rhythm.


As she watched from up against the corner

She envisaged all their stories;

As the moonlight fell o’er her, she was the only one

among many in the marquee.

I am 20!

Turning 20 feels..a bit odd. I feel old already, maybe not old in terms of being 78 or something but old like, now I have to be accountable for everything that I do. The fact that now my age will start with the digit 2 really tells me how fast times flies and how human lives are momentary. On one specific day, every single year, you get older by an addition of one and we make memories, some which we want to forget and some which we never will. We lost track of time and I realized how transient everything is, which is why it is so important to cherish every second that you are breathing and doing something.

But I am really happy since my friend gave me a bouquet and this is the first time I have received a it and I have always wanted one.

Moving on, I do not have any specific birthday wishes but there are certain minor goals that I want to accomplish before I turn 21, some of them being- do more social work and contribute more to the society in terms of being helpful and spread awareness. I also want to control the amount of money that I spend daily on things that I actually don’t need. I am an avid spender and I definitely want to control that. I want to start eating healthy (regardless of the number of times I have said that to myself, I still want to work towards this one). I definitely want to make a proper routine and write more on a regular basis. I also want to get back into working out. After I moved to Dubai, my health went down the road. I know I shouldn’t blame it on other factors but I became quite upset with the carelessness that I had developed towards my health and well-being. I also want to expand my horizons when it comes to spirituality. I have been listening to a lot of spiritual talks and also have been reading a lot on different topics from different gurus so I really want to delve deeper into this. But that is all for now.

So that was it for my little birthday post and I will be back soon! 😊

Glitch: Part 1

If you saw the entire world in glitches

With no perspective,

Your vision kept blurring

Into different stories

Until perplexity caught up

With you.

All the realities lapsed in your sight

Red, black, blue and white

Then you stand in front of your mirror

Reaching into what you see,

Somehow making things clearer.